Gifted & Talented Program

The Gifted And Talented Education (GATE) pullout program includes grades 3-6 at this time. It is a pullout program that consists of students coming to the designated classroom at a scheduled time, which is built into the regular academic day. Students get to spend time applying information to new situations, use information to develop new ideas, evaluate appropriateness of designed projects, and occasionally use ideas to develop new products. Many of the activities will be open-ended which will stimulate further thinking and investigation. Students will be encouraged to use their inductive reasoning processes to discover patterns, ideas and underlying principles. In many situations, students will be given the freedom to choose what to investigate and how to study in order to increase their interest in learning.

Students for the gifted program will be selected through a screening process and by a committee. The GATE Committee is comprised of a 25 year veteran GATE teacher, two administrators, and four other teachers. The screening process entails the committee looking at achievement scores, Cognitive Ability Testing (CogAT) scores, teacher referrals, and parent referrals. After compiling data into a scoring matrix, the committee discusses student placement into the program. The conversation occurs over multiple hours while the committee thoughtfully assesses and analyzes the referrals.

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